Oh god. I just realized tomorrow is the actual Freaknight night that I’m going to and I still don’t know what I’m being for Halloween. Suggestions, please leave in a comment. Last year I was Frankenstein, like as a joke against my own last name, Fleckenstein? Basically I found a $3 mask and wore a black leotard and biker boots and called it a day.

Freaknight Festival is a two-day massive held here in Seattle over Halloween weekend (duh). I can’t really get into the mainstream rave scene since it became overrun with highschoolers in fluffies downing bath salts and calling it PLUR… No offense. Or maybe it’s because big room hits have become something like a mathetmatical equation for success rather than a personal expression of sound from an artist. Your pick.

Anyway, I’m going tomorrow solely for this lovely portion of the lineup. I want to entirely skip and avoid all parts of the night and all people that won’t be into the situation at this stage.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.52.50 AM

I’m probably going to be there at the beginning (fucking yikes that’s 8 hours of dancing) of the night because not only is FooFou a stellar local DJ but he is also one of my friends IRL (I know, I have those, it’s crazy right?) and I definitely want to see him open the night.

I’ve seen everyone else before except I’M FINALLY SEEING *~*~* KING LOCO DICE *~*~* so I’m definitely most excited for that. I wish my BFF’s Billy and JP and Ted and KJ and Avery and everyone else who loves him could be here too. These are the struggles of someone with an internet-wide set of friends.

I hope this Midway of Mayhem stage is this spot. I assume since it’s “Carl Cox & Friends” it might be, but really it’s just because the lasers from Dannic in the above clip remind me of when I saw Cox at Exchange in LA a few years back. Looool, like 15 of my friends tripped down to see Swedish House Mafia’s last tour. I am judging myself so hard right now. Let me redeem myself with Baauer from last year.

Bless me, festival gods, for I want to survive tomorrow night. This post brought to you by my ADHD but hopefully I’m going to write like 5 more today. Stay tuned. Oh, and I’m dying my hair purple-y-er, which will be documented on my Instagram.

What’s everyone doing for Halloween this weekend? What are you being? What should I be? Seriously considering My Little Pony because my hair, not even kidding, so that’s where I’m at. 



  1. With purple hair…you could always be Katy Perry, Tonks from Harry Potter, My Little Pony, or one of those purple haired troll dolls from our youth with a jeweled belly button.

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