Enter: Fremont.
Funky Seattle neighborhood where boutiques and hole in the wall shops of all kinds live… and don’t forget the Troll. More importantly: it’s home to my new fave store, PIPE + ROW.

Meet: Kayla Boehme.
Owner/curator of  PIPE + ROW and certified cool chick. After visiting the store earlier in the summer and digging the vibe of the space (plus scoring some gems) I knew that I would love her.

So, pause.
A few more deets about Kayla, a Queen in her own right: she worked at Nordstrom since 15 and Aritzia for 3 years – she was a part of their Soho store opening. She left her desk job to start PIPE + ROW, fulfilling a vision from a different project she was involved with that never came to fruition. I repeat: this girl is a bad bitch.

DSC00490 DSC00503

As I was drooling walking around examining every single item, I learned about the brands to watch and Kayla’s vision for the store. I can’t wait to see more Miista shoes, a company from London… and Finders Keepers is easily my current fave. Lovers & Friends is up there too, which was also listed in Revolve’s A-Z Guide to Fall. Kayla was wearing the shirtdress below, which looks amazingly comfortable and cute on – the entire line pays attention to cool details like this leather piping.


FALA is another brand on the up and up – there’s this oxblood leather vest/cardigan convertible combo I need in my life already. PIPE + ROW wins my love for having unique brands with a fair price point considering the quality of the pieces – I was pleasantly surprised, so obviously I just bought more… to balance it out. This is a super chic blanket sweater from JOA.

DSC00499 DSC00498 DSC00493

It’s bright and inviting and you just wanna grab everything and try it on (I did, no shame). Kayla’s goal is to push you to the edge of your style comfort zone but not over it… “If you don’t feel confident, you won’t wear it.” I love that.

The goal is to ‘elevate the everyday,’  and PIPE + ROW is full of  pieces that really aren’t your average staple – they’re all more. Everything has a little extra oomph to it.


I played dress up for at least an hour… this is just half of my room.


I was having an imagination overload crisis trying to decide what I liked and who I wanted to be for Fall ’14 – fashion is so inspiring to me like that. I bought the jacket below (!!!) and fell in love with the skirt after seeing it on Instagram.

I thought I was going to wear this JOA top I posted for my mom and grandmother’s birthday dinner last night… but I instead decided to debut my favorite, favorite piece from the store so far – this Finders Keepers dress. I am obsessed.

pipe and row dress

Seattleites: definitely stop by PIPE + ROW next time you’re in Fremont – 611 N 35th St (98103). Keep up with Kayla and all the new new at the shop on Instagram.


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