#SELFIE was the debut single from The Chainsmokers last spring and became an overnight anthem for white girls everywhere – I remember the first time I heard it, I was all, YAASSS!! Someone made a song about me. Finally.

Drew and Alex are the two cuties of The Chainsmokers who just released their new tune… it’s called Kanye. Yes, you read that right. The guys followed up #SELFIE with a song called Kanye. Wow.

Have a listen and peep the video, which just came out and gives me the FEEEEELS. I could watch all day – it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and inspired which is obviously the point. Big ups to the girls of Siren for the dreamy vocals… I can’t even hate that I was bopping around and dancing along. I am a basic white girl, though.

They’ve successfully turned Kanye the human being into Kanye, the adjective. “Kanye” is effectively describing the life of doing you and getting after it, being confident in who you are, and not giving a fuck. Tell me how many fucks you don’t have because me either. I’m way busy using them on myself like Kanye would… I paid attention to the song, duh.

I just wonder if these guys have any idea how many fucks Kim Kardashian probably gives about the fact their new tune isn’t named after her? Especially after #SELFIE!! Those are her thing.

 Like, Kim is pissed, you guys. She is NOT impressed that you didn’t make a song about her. Like, she can’t.

Everything needs to be about me and right now it’s NOT and I’m like, so angry.

Kanye makes his own music, couldn’t you have given me the title? That’s like, so rude! You could have at least called it Kimye.

I think this is probably how many fucks the guys give about Kim though.

PS. Scott is lowkey jealous too and wants you to reconsider. At least give him a tag on Soundcloud? #LORD

Kanye is kind of a big deal too, you say? Fine.

I’d also like to make a contribution to the dictionary of Kanye. I was thinking, why are we only turning him into an adjective? Why not a verb too? So, this is my suggestion for Kanye as an action.

Getting jizz in your eye. It appears to already be household Kardashian lingo… but that’s none of my business.

EXTRA CREDIT: There’s even a #BELIKE quiz (BuzzFeed style, not the school kind) to determine your Kanye level in life. It’s clowning, take it. Keep up with The Chainsmokers on Soundcloud and Twitter.



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