Sneak Peek: House Revamp & My Garden


Makeovers give me purpose in life. And I know Cher said that, but call me Carrie Bradshaw.

As we all know if you follow me on Twitter, last week I got some annoying news that made me want to rip my computer out of the wall (figuratively) which led me to literally move my computer from my office … to the dining room. It’s like the universe wanted me to have a meltdown so I could redecorate, which has turned out to be a great distraction from said annoyance and I don’t hate that. Take a look.


fashion and books in a print from oliver gal ~plus~ owl candles that used to be on my new desk (formerly known as the dining room table i never used)


i got this bar cart from one kings lane, a phenom off-price online decor site that pings you with email when new collections or whatever are shoppable. it’s like the rue la la of home decor and styling, so beware and you’re welcome.


a little reading inspo: living in style by rachel zoe because i want to be her when i grow up, the skinny confidential – the TSC blog is amazeballs, cupcakes and cashmere by emily schuman (peep her blog too), and the world according to karl aka the bible. this is a voluspa candle, one of my faves. also: can we have a moment for my orchid? she’s proudly holding onto her last bloom – i’ve had this one for months and kind of feel like i need to encase it in glass for preservation a la beauty and the beast… just kidding. kind of.


In related news: I’ve turned into the quintessential existentialista – if you don’t know what that is, read Love and Wardrobe then come back.


Are you even surprised that I have leopard print tools? Cute. Just call me Stone Cold the super chic modern hippie betch… my garden is thriving and I actually yield a crop on the daily! Yes I said crop, like I’m some kind of true farmer – just me and my planter full of kale. I also have a tomato plant, which was essentially my first child in all of this… They grow up so fast!



that’s just what i got today (sunday). these are so flavorful, i can’t even.


my flower fairy is having a moment.

happy sunday! coming back later with an exciting post for my stone cold beauties.


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