ASK SCB: How can I make my lips look bigger?

FACT: Bigger lips increase your resting bitch face factor by 132%. Though the obsession with the massive, forced exotic Kardashian lip is beyond me, I do love a full and bold, kissable look. So many of you have asked for tips on making yours look bigger and better than ever before, so listen up.

Ask SCB: How can I make my lips look bigger?

I have found the ultimate in do-it-yourself Angelina Jolie lips… introducing a glorious trio of plumping products called Fullips.


They’re easy to use and most importantly – they work. All you do is use your breath to put a little suction between the tool and your pout, and pucker up.


I know that we all know what my lips normally look like in bright lipstick, so I went with a daily red that I love – MAC Red. I did my usual 1-2-3 combo of a basic coat of lipstick (not worrying about getting too close to the edges of my lips, especially after using the plumper because it makes them bigger obviously and so I wanted to be careful lining. Then I filled in with liner (NARS Jungle Red) plus more lipstick where needed…

I could tell these little guys working for making my lips actually get bigger because it felt funny drawing on my liner. The corner of my lips are naturally quite thin, and I used the the small oval one vertically (as was recommended to me by Linda, who started the company) to really jack that area up. I LOVE how my lips look – big, luscious and even.

Obviously the effects are somewhat temporary, but another plus when using? It’s subtle. Once you get the hang of how using it best works for you (click here for demo vids), it’s a piece of cake to pop in your purse and plump at will. I would be so daring as to use this in public or in my car. It totally works by feel, and they’re not very big.

Ask SCB: How can I define my cupid’s bow?

Someone asked this question a while back and I never actually gave any advice for it so better late than never… my best suggestion for that would be to actually try and wipe out your lip line with some foundation, and aggressively work on re-drawing a more defined one with liner until you’re comfortable with lining past // outside // above // whatever your natural lip line that will create the desired look you want. As you can see in the above photo, I drew a super aggressive bow for emphasis to show you. I worked on the fly, but I left a bit of the top of my natural cupid’s bow bare so it appears mine is naturally deeper and more defined than it is. Make sense? Maybe not. Whatever. Experiment from the safety in your own bathroom, and don’t be afraid to mess up. No one will see you – unless you selfie and then tweet about it.

Product Details + Order Info.

I’ve got all three of the enhancers, you can get them in singles, as a combo pack or all three. If you want Kardashian-esque lips naturally then I would absolutely recommend you try this!! I used the large round enhancer first, and then I kind of “spot plumped” with the small oval before I went into lipstick and liner. Super quick, really easy to do. Love. Get the deets on which enhancer is best for which type of lip here.


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