scb’s guide to summer skin.

so: the sun is shining and there’s two kinds of people – those who are happy about it or not. if you’re angry, it’s probably because you’re stuck inside at the office. or you’re a lazy ass who can’t be bothered to get off the couch // bed (let’s be real), but i’m not here to make friends with lazy people and i’d like to take those with a cube life office job out to happy hour under a setting sun instead. those who are happy the sun is in fact shining and want to be outside somehow… and there is a LOT of room for activities out in the real world (i know, right). i mean, i’m writing to the internet via my blog outside in my backyard right now, and though it’s hot as balls i know i’m covered and practicing the art of safe sun.

sunscreen used to be annoying to apply because, well actually the most important was to have the best tan out of all your friends – especially if you were lucky to go to hawaii every year for christmas as i was. it was always a big blue bottle, spf 30… super goopy and white. i was playing tennis all the time so i had to put on so. much. sunscreen. i feel after 20+ years of christmas vacations spent on a tropical island have made me some kind of spf connoisseur. i’ve also gotten my fair share of burns from being *fucking stupid* and thinking my skin has enough of a “base tan” to not need to wear sunscreen – WRONG. ALWAYS WRONG.

public service announcement: get your moles checked. that requires a dermatologist – you’ll like them. especially if they save your life.

i’ve been seeing my aesthetician for at least six months now and besides giving me the glorious recommendation of a moisturizer with spf 50 in it, she made me realize that it is imperative to get moles checked and mapped. if you haven’t, once you go they’ll say when you should come back in. no biggie.

i’ve been educating myself so here are a few fun facts to get you jumpstarted and paying attention. in the june edition of cosmo (yes – i still get all the print mags. cosmo’s bindings are sexy when stacked!) there was an article about how a girl who failed to look into a new mole was diagnosed with malignant melanoma stage 1B – these are survival rates for melanoma skin cancer by stage from the american cancer society.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 4.50.54 PM

so there’s that… click here to learn more. i’m not yet an expert on this topic but it now i seriously care about it because (obviously) i went psycho when she first told me to go see a derm and was fully convinced one of my many freckles on my shoulder // arm was what cosmo calls “evolving,” which they said is the most important factor when assessing your bod. others: asymmetry, border, color, and diameter – anything larger than a pencil eraser should be checked out. imagine what a fucking white girl problem skin cancer would be… please don’t be that girl.

cosmo says: if a growth’s color, edges, or size morphs or bothers you in any way, see a doctor. (that would be the dermatologist)

 i fully guarantee you have at least one person you know with a credible local recommendation for your area – remember that this is a super common checkup that EVERYONE should be getting. if you don’t already, keep an eye on any freckles or moles and be your own skin’s best friend. this is a self-care how to from the american academy of dermatology.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 5.01.59 PM

ignorance can actually kill you with this one. it’s not pretty but it’s important. signing off my soapbox now, but first i must also say this is coming from a girl who 2+ years at a tanning salon. i’ve been that girl too… and i’m much smarter now, and even though i’m still young, had wish i not fried myself in a bed for that long of a time. now i’m just trying to help out all of you sun worshippers who aren’t native to the beautiful but often overcast pacific northwest. you only get one skin to be in! you gotta take proper care and treat it right.

back to my main point about being a tropical jetsetter, it’s now 2014 and the aqua net of lotions have evolved into weightless sprays which makes everything under the sun a fun activity and not a greasy chore. here are all my latest faves and best of the related sun articles i read in all of those print mags i love so much in the last few months… i seriously need those wildfox sunnies in my life.

sunny-ssentials: must have items for your tanning protection and pleasure

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 3.54.27 PM

that neutrogena sunscreen is the shit. also – the stick sunscreen, and conditioning spray with spf for your hair – critical. fake a legitimate st. tropez tan with the self-tanning oil… and rock a cool pair of shades.

info: neutrogena spf 50 liquid sunscreen //wildfox sunnies // l’oreal spf 30 face lotion // skinceuticals spf 50 eye defense // redken sun spray // st. tropez luxe self-tanning oil // supergoop! spf 50 oil //  sugar spf 15 lip treatment //  ray-ban aviators // neutrogena spf 50 sunscreen stick // l’oreal spf 30 dry oil spray // alterna haircare leave-in sun recovery spray

 after-sun and shower care

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.44.29 PM

some of my fave bikini care products, and i found the cool fix in a mag and saw it got good reviews. the amlactin ultra has alpha hydroxy acid so it helps to exfoliate while being a super rich moisturizer. the baby bee’s can be used on any part of you that’s irritated from waxing or razor burn, angry ingrowns or what have you as it’s like a healing balm. not pictured but linked below is an exfoliating mitt, and i also use an actual dry brush. it’s fucking amazing, and it stimulates your lymph system – naturally, the homegirl Lauryn over at The Skinny Confidential talks more about the dry brushing benefits which you should absolutely get into here.

info: stark exfoliating mitt and dry body brush // bliss ingrown towelettes // shaveworks “the cool fix” // amlactin hydrating cream // dr bronner’s magic soap // neutrogena grapefruit scrub // burt’s bees multipurpose ointment


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