stone cold beauty: sephora haul + reviews!

A couple of weeks ago I went on an insane binge at Sephora (evidence found on Instagram)… Some of the products I picked up per request to review and some were totally spur of the moment splurges. Like, I cannot be held accountable for my actions, I’m a VIB. Over the weekend I united with the lovely B (@EssieFan) and decided she would be the ideal candidate to test a bunch of new makeup on. Her reaction? Mostly that I wasn’t wearing some “weird // bright” color on my lips, el oh el but true. When we met up for martinis, it was my first time using the bareMinerals foundation, Diorshow mascara and NARS matte multiple. Let’s start with the mascara I tried…

Dior(show): Iconic Overcurl

I put ONE coat!!! on ONE eye!!! and LITERALLY almost died, but then I took a selfie and survived. I decided on this one because I know a ton of my followers are fans of the regular Diorshow and I usually don’t care for a curved brush, but I was inclined to try this and turns out it is AMAZING. Like, it’s really spectacular. This is a naked eye vs. one coat from that night. I see why people love Diorshow, I’m a new devotee of the cult. I guess now I need to try ALL OF THEM… my life is hard.

(Hello, Dior? It’s Stone Cold the Beauty Queen. Please send me free samples of all your makeup, LOVE YOU MEAN IT!)

Buxom Lash

I also got this, which is 100% my new daily fave. I saw the brush and literally HAD to buy and try – it looked temptingly similar to that of my longtime cheap love, CoverGirl Lash Blast. Buy this mascara. Buy it. You need it. I have nothing to say about it, except I’m obsessed. This kicks the shit out of Benefit’s They’re Real, which I don’t even like anymore because it’s such a pain in the ass to take off. BAZINGA!!! Best. Fave. Died.

bareMinerals: BareSkin Foundation (+brush)

A ton of girls requested more info on this, and I have something even better – a story. I first found out about this bad boy duo when my homegirl Colie came over to my house super hyped one day over this foundation and had to give me a demo right then and there, so obviously I NEEDED to try it for myself. The label claims it’s a “pure brightening serum foundation,” plus SPF 20. To give you the full background, here’s a quote from the accompanying product detail page…

From the very beginning, we have been on a crusade to provide women with good-for-you alternatives to foundation rooted in a less is more pilosophy. Created with exceptional purity in mind, this ultra-thin, skin-perfecting fluid is a tone-correcting foundation and skincare serum in one. Made with the bare minimum ingredients, this mineral infusion is formulated without water, oil, silicone, parabens or fragrance. And it works to deliver a brighter, more youthful appearance while providing seamless, adjustable coverage with a natural finish. It’s a combination that breaks liquid barriers – and it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

Also, she was amped on it because it’s great for lighter skin tones (you know you’re a ginger when…) which apparently is a thing. So, gingers and white girls alike, this would be a worthwhile one to try. I found the wear on it is decent, and a plus is the consistency seems // feels thin but the coverage is good so  overall I think it’s a great, lightweight pick.

Also relevant: I love, love the accompanying brush. You have to buy it separately, but it makes it really easy to BLEND the foundation and let it set vs. smearing it around your face in a thick layer. You squeeze a few drops of the foundation into the center and then just flick and swish your face to porefection. When I actually take the time to wear foundation and use this, it makes me feel like quite the basique artiste. I mean, makeup is wearable art…

NARS Matte Multiple: Siam (+orgasm for extra credit)

I used my fingers to apply this. Siam is a “poppy red” aka in my world, it’s like a beautiful matte Cactus Flower, my fave super bright shimmery cream blush by them, which makes me sublimely happy. I have the original multiple in Orgasm – one of their all-time universally flattering shades. It’s typically just a blush so I highly advise taking advantage of the versatility that a multiple gives you. I’m going off on a tangent, but any excuse to talk about orgasms AM.I.RITE?! I also used it on to highlight my brow bone and over my lips as a bitchstick but not.

K. So back to business, I dabbed Orgasm on the apples of my cheeks after a pretty light, narrow application of Siam and blended. I really like the final look – it was vibrant but still moderately natural. If you’re new to brightly colored blush, this might be a little bold for you… I have also used a lip brush to wear as a RAD matte bitchstick, so don’t forget about that option. My only complaint with the matte multiple is the size. It’s about half the size as the regular  but for the same price :( the color is enough to sell me, but I felt obligated to point it out.

Sephora Collection: Contour Eye Pencil (waterproof)

These were one of my random impulse buys – I picked two up with the idea of some kind of DvD review, but all I really have to say about them is they’re great, a real bang for your buck. They’re longwear // waterproof, with a nice gel-y consistency which made it super smooth to draw on my inner rims. I use black lace as my newest go-to for lining my inner rim, so if you’ve noticed my eyes popping or looking more defined (as in the above selfies), that’s probably why. I also got a purple to try (stay tuned) because I know that’s a ton to pair with hazel/green eyes to make them pop. One of the things I seriously hate with a pencil liner is that it gets dry and difficult to draw with and drags along your eye line, which makes you look ratchet. These draw on super smooth, eliminating your ratch factor for just ten bucks.

Sephora Collection: Color Lip Last

Another DvD-esque impulse buy – I bought two shades of this as well, and seriously dig both. Sephora’s home brand line is really stepping up its game with the quality, I must say even I am impressed. Basically, I need at least five more shades. The skinnier tube makes it easy to apply on the go or without lip liner, or if you use a lip brush, you get a vibrant yet sheer pop of color. I’m wearing the peachy pink color in the above mascara selfie. The magenta I’ve worn numerous times but somehow don’t have a picture with, which is really unusual, for me.

It doesn’t dry out after you’ve been wearing it for five minutes, and stays vibrant throughout the day… All in all, a clutch one to keep in your car for touch ups or use on the go. 13$. Highly suggest checking out all of your color options and stocking up on a few faves.


note: all of the above was purchased at sephora. You can find the items available online here: diorshow iconic overcurl  // buxom lash // bare minerals foundation + brush // nars multiple – siam (matte) + orgasm // sephora liner  // sephora bitchstick

5 thoughts on “stone cold beauty: sephora haul + reviews!

  1. Queen (SC)B pleaseeeee please try the sephora brand airbrush foundation next! I’ve never used it but have heard regular airbrush is AMAZING so I want to hear what you think of this much cheaper version! maybe even just for contouring? Mx

  2. Purple eyeliner is a great choice, I wear it with my green eyes all the time and I love it! Also, love the NARS Matte multiples!

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