tune thursday: fire lana remixes + NEW GIRL CRUSH!!!

I found two cool Lana Del Rey remixes that I posted on my Soundcloud and wanted to share because I know I have lots of Lana fans like myself, plus she’s in the middle of her tour – can’t wait for when she comes to Seattle!!! I’ll probably need to arrange some sort of local meetup for all of my Seattle Queens to unite at the ultimate event this summer.

I usually hate remixes of Lana tracks because I think the originals are all so different and emotively developed that it’s hard to create any kind of cohesive “story” when you hear a remix once you have the original (humble opinion, I’m no technical expert)…  I feel like a lot of hype artists are making these “remixes” today just trying to fuck with the original enough to catch some get rich quick attention, rather than working with a song and adding their unique spin on it. Am I psycho? Probably. Anyway, I think it was a quote from Annie Mac or someone on her radio show, about how a remix should do justice to a song by presenting you with some lovely other version of it that is a different experience altogether, and I’m getting really poetic about remixes but deal with it.

My first find is West Coast by Camo & Krooked. This one surprised me because of the laid back beachy vibe with it, which isn’t really what I was expecting so this was really a pleasant surprise. I think it matches the original vibe and still feels authentic to “Lana” but you get a *new* side from this D&B duo that I actually really like. The second is a Ride remix by Active Child… It’s not new, but it’s a gem. Ride is already a pretty emotionally charged song plus lyrics, so the dreamy filter over her voice… I CAN’T. This is probably one of my original favorite Lana songs and I truly love how he transformed it – perfection.

Now, for this new girl crush of mine – take a listen. Her name is Ella Eyre and she’s baaaad.

In case you want to feel old, she’s born in ’94 but has already worked with Rudimental and Wiz Khalifa. I found her Soundcloud exploring and can’t get over how much angst and oomph and sexy soul she can project through her young voice, and she just looks like the sauciest little thing.

This is the video from her single “Deeper,” you can see what I mean. I get a little bit of a Rihanna vibe with her look, but she pulls it off really well and it’s all her own. As soon as I first heard her, I was hooked. I’m obsessed with her voice – it’s intoxicating. Each song has me feeling some type of way… Let’s start with her newest, which dropped yesterday.

I’m 100% down with her vibe and can’t help but dance around to all of her music and feel a little more energized and motivated to go get shit done with my day. Before we go, let’s take a second to appreciate her most excellent resting bitch fact. Snaps! Follow me on Soundcloud for all the latest tunes.


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