Happy Monday! Start playing and get ready to dance, this remix is a gem. I’ve started trying to pick faves out of all the new music I find on the daily from my Soundcloud to start sharing it now that I know you guys like my tunes! Really dig the vibe of this one and the message matches, lyrics here. I have lots of shit to get done today, so I just wanted to kick the week off right with some lulz from my weekly white girl nightmare to yours.

wake up like, it’s monday.

…makeup is extra hard.


unless you’re convincing me on how pretty i am with no makeup on OR you’re chuck bass, this is me not even being able to with you.

and, until this is my full time job…



Photos and gifs in this post are all sourced from the StoneColdBetch Tumblr. Follow Nicole on Twitter and Soundcloud!

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