sounds from the cloud: no rest for the wicked

happy friday! i’m a longtime fan of lykke li (if you haven’t listened to her before – you’ve been deaf to the voice of angel) and though one of her songs is in a twilight movie, we’re not going to hold it against her. for me, the original no rest for the wicked is a fairly emotive song – and the music video really brings it all together, and to life. take a watch and hear the original, and then listen on.

joris voorn remix.

i love the feel of this remix – voorn’s touch adds depth to lykke li’s light but soulful voice and amplifies the feels of these poignant lyrics. i actually picked up on this tune thanks to one of my besttttt friends kira. she’s always sending gems my way so i’m paying it forward by sharing with you. in case this one isn’t quite your jam, i found a sick version with A$AP Rocky’s sexy flow to grace our ears.

lykke li x asap rocky.

if you didn’t die a little listening (and then remember the glory that is the lana x asap national anthem video) you can’t sit with me and any of my white girl problems because i totally did. i just love asap rocky, he’s so talented AND fresh to death… haven’t been lucky enough to see him perform live (yet!) but i caught part of asap ferg’s set at coachella friday of the first weekend and i was about that life… and it was coachella so i got to get down with my white girl self and all of the other white girls got baaaaad too. coachella was just so stellar, i want to live in that weekend forever.

extra credit: all time fave.

i’ve listened to this song so many times… i have such a sick obsession in general with girls who can sing, probably because i have no voice whatsoever. but whatever, because see you on the dance floor.

leave a comment with your fave below! follow my soundcloud for all the latest tunes.


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