new must listen fave tunes.

For some reason, it’s taken me until …now to realize that other people might like the same kind of music I do (that’s how weird my ear is). Since Coachella, I’ve started reposting more of the music I find on my Soundcloud for everyone so we can all listen and groove together. Here are a few faves I’ve recently found during my exploring seshes that I wanted to share for your listening pleasure.

zhu & syn cole: faded // miami 82.

I found the original Faded a few days before this mashup and liked it, but THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!! I hope everyone just got my Elle Woods reference. Anyway, this is definitely a recent fave and if memory serves, Pete Tong just posted  ZHU as an Essential new tune so we know he approves too.

sharam jey: a case for shame remix.

This isn’t super new but still a great sultry, emotive piece from Sharam Jey. I almost WANT to be a little sad, just while listening so I can dance right into it. I’d suggest playing this one when you’re reconsidering your life after a long weekend.

dapa deep: glance.

All the feels of a trance tune without my heart feeling like it’s going to burst rainbows out of my chest, which leaves me able to appreciate that sexy deep beat embedded under Leusin’s airy vocals. Unfortunately this is just a preview, so I’m impatiently waiting to hear this in its entirety.

pete bellis: time will tell remix.

Nothing like some mystery to get my interest, and the lyrics totally add to the intrigue. I really dig the depth and dynamic sound that’s a little intimidating but still mesmerizing and melodic.

tchami: wizard remix.

So, I know this is originally a Martin Garrix song and we know how I feel about him via my Deadmau5 post, but I couldn’t leave this one behind because I’m so impressed with Tchami here. I found this and nearly skipped right over it, but curiosity was actually going to kill me and I die enough as it is, so I had to listen. Not 100% sure I’ve heard the original but I have a pretty good idea of what mainstream EDM is like. I’m really impressed with how well (and completely) he diffused the standard big room sound that wrecks everythinggg, with that fresh Tchami vibe. Now we have an entirely different – aka listenable – funky house tune.


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