pro diet tips for festie season.

Happy Monday, and it IS one because it’s the week of Coachella! I’ve gotten a lot of emails from girls asking about more information on clean eating, diet tips, how to lose weight, etc. etc. and so in light of that, I’ve compiled a grab and go sheet of pro diet tips to kick the week off, because tis the season! We all need to be looking festival photographer ready, and by that I mean fit, fueled and ready to groove. This was my grocery haul that I posted on Instagram yesterday, which I will use as a way to explain myself.


Lots of good in here. I’m a known fan of kombucha – Synergy is my favorite brand and Trilogy (pictured) and Passionberry Bliss are my fave flavors. They both run 4g of sugar to a bottle, though some flavors have up to 20g (don’t drink them). Don’t worry about the magazines, they’re going to show up in a later post. Veggies for salad and I’m going to make the ground turkey two ways. I got two new spices to try because that’s one of the BEST ways I found to add some kind of dank pizazz back into my basic food. Definitely recommend spending a second in your local spice aisle… They make rubs for all sorts of proteins as well as regular herb blends that are all pretty tasty.

not new rule: drink more water.

I think this is an obligatory point to make. It’s hard to drink too much water, and you’re probably not consuming as much as you think, especially when you discount the salt, soda and other shit you might be eating that dilutes its hydrating powers. When I first did the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, I bought a Nalgene (32oz) because you’re supposed to drink a gallon of water per day… That’s FOUR Nalgene bottles. That’s a lot of fucking water. But, then I learned that excess fat (someone correct me if I’m wrong) is essentially flushed out of your body with/through water, therefore the more water you drink, the easier it will be for your body when coupled with a proper diet, to release excess fat stores and lean you out. Now I drink 4+ bottles a day… Seemed legit.

pro tip: eat the asparagus.

Asparagus makes your pee stinky or whatever? K. If you’re concerned with that of all things, you have bigger issues. My friend Jess, a trainer in Vegas, suggested amping up asparagus intake because it’s a natural diuretic. I tend to eat it on a fairly regular basis, so this week I got extra… I broil or grill them with some coconut oil and one of the spice blends I have. Super easy, but if you search online there’s probably a ton more recipes you could try out if you want a little tastier prep. Replace your typical carbs with more veggies this week. I’m not going to force stinky pee on you, so insert your green vegetable of choice if need be.

be prepared: snack bars.

There’s nothing worse than being the drunkest one on the hot mess express because you were too insistent on looking good in your pasties and fluffies over eating anything before dancing and drinking all day. Lara, Kind, even Clif bars are a really convenient way to line your stomach without creating bloat, and they’re perfect for on the go while you’re galavanting around the grounds. Apple pie Lara bars are my personal go to, and I always have one in my bag. Be the hero with snacks. While none of this is rocket science, being aware of what you’re putting into your body, and making sure you’re getting enough of it is critical when you’re gearing up for a big weekend like a festival. These can also apply to every other day. We should all be drinking more water, eating more vegetables, and making sure we aren’t skipping meals and confusing our bods – we stress them out enough as it is. This week, I’m trying to cleanse and let my body rest and be as happy as possible because I know my hangover come Monday will hurt. :)

xx SCB

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