recap + review: nars cambodia

This eyeshadow is a Cinematic and from the goodie bag from my homegirl across the internet at NARS sent my way. I highly suggest becoming obsessed with her, you can see how easy it is by peeping her site. With that and her Twitter, I have learned so many random good things for life. Most notably, a handbag that also!!! charges your phone. I also remembered the amazing existence of Everlane. Stalk her freely, I think she likes it. She also kind of has my dream job so there’s also that… Check out the full Ask post here.


Before real life began (read: social life), I went to dinner with my dad and ate so much of this delicious burger from a great little restaurant in the Valley called Luc. So much bacon and those frites were so fucking delicious I cannot tell a lie I ate almost my entire plate of food and it was SO WORTH IT. That was when I put on a light layer of Stourhead (satin lip pencil), and let my hair air dry. Like I said, not real life not real calories. Then I came back with the ’04 Montrachet my sweet father offered me to take home and “prefunction” with (he is so frat-tastic it hurts) and got to play my favorite game.

beauty parlor.

Anyway. Like I was saying, beauty parlor time: I decided to break out Cambodia and see what I thought. I’m a regular fan of copper and gold tones, I think warm metallics really highlight green eyes so I’ve been waiting for a worthwhile enough situation to debut it.  Also, I know people have been asking me on the Twitter about making posts with pairings for different eye shadow/lip color skin tone/hair colors, and I definitely want to and will be in the process of making it happen, so patience is appreciated. Back to business – the texture of the shadow is awesome. It blends really well/smoothly and the density of shadow deposited is intense like you would expect from NARS. The color is a little deeper than I would wear as a day shadow, but for evening/night, I feel it would look great on any eye or skin or hair or human being, probably. I decided to let it step out with a bare-ish lip, just another layer of the same Stourhead (but stay tuned for selfie). I highlighted my brows extra hard (read: two layers of booty call from naked 2 blended under and out below/right up to your arch. Speaking of arches, I hope we’ve all taken my brow philosophy seriously. I see you internet, and I’m liking it… I guess I don’t need to flunk anyone in my life school yet! But then I went to town figuring out how to best play in this exciting new color.


All done! Now tell me I’m pretty, because I look awkward and it’s hard to take pictures of yourself, YOU KNOW?! Shut up, I know that you know that I know that you know. Be one with the selfie. Namaste.

how to.

And see, that was awkward. But it’s over… It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but this serves a purpose (there’s only one more). But it’s way easier to explain what I did in writing when I have a picture, because a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s like a law or something. You don’t want to read that much anyway, if you do then go check your homework aka pt. 1 of the reading list.

First, as a general rule of thumb, I draw out a thick line (think like liner) with a light hand and a brush like this. I use the corner of the brush rather than the wide, flat side, because it’s easier to maneuver and creates a sharper line than when you flip it to blend or whatever you personally use this kind of brush for. Just following along my lash line, I want to get a sense of how the color pops against my eyes and if I want to blend it out, keep it light, layer it for intensity, create a copper/chocolate smoky eye, the possibilities are endless when you think about my imagination. If you’re not as pale as I am, you could amp this color up – it layered beautifully. The added impact and highlight when light hit (see below) where I hit it with two layers (see the extreme amplifications right with my lashes) was a great. I did use the below brush on the fat flat side to blend up and into that empty part of your eyelid where your socket is? to create that lid shaped line towards my brow. As a side tangent, I basically really love this style of brush for its versatility, and I need to wear this color in about 8 different looks to figure out which is best. Like, hi. My name is StoneColdBetch, and I am addicted to trying on makeup.


When I do my eye shadow, I kinda feel like I’m using a paintbrush. I’m also all about mixing and matches products, colors and brushes – FUNCTION is what matters. Use whatever is best for you. I’ve learned through trial and error, and a general obsession with all that is beauty and makeup, so I’m not surprised. In fact, I’ve been thinking to use one of my stiff eyeliner brushes to paint on some of the colors I got to see how old school and awesome it will look.

Or maybe I’ll just turn into her.

Next, assess. I kept with my natural vibe (keep in mind I’m typically wearing a major hue on my lips at this point) by adding another layer and filling it all the way through my lid, but not drawing it past. You can get a sense for it of how strong the difference/visibility of it is when you see my regular face vs. how vivid my eyelids are when closed (aka every time I blinked. AWESOME)

I added another little dusting of Bootycall right under my arch and called it a day. I put on some Chanel blush (their stuff smells amazing if you haven’t used it before) and a layer of Stourhead and was off. My brow game felt on point, I used my NARS pencil to fill in as a base and after Bootycall, used the MAC brow marker to define and sharpen the end of my brows because *shocker* even they can feel a little sparse. Cue last awkward picture and then I promise there’s additional viewing worthwhile of your time.


I liked the dramatic contrast of the cool, creamy white of Bootycall against Cambodia. PS. If you don’t have a velvet matte pencil or pure matte lipstick in your life yet, you’re tacky and I hate you. VELVET MATTE IS EVERYTHING. Cinematic eyeshadows feel like velvet matte lipstick does to my lips, on my eyes. Therefore, this eyeshadow was/still IS everything. Are you guys enjoying this lesson on logic yet? I am.

Makeup isn’t hard. It’s fun. It’s painting pretty onto pretty. Embrace your pretty, find it with your selfie. I’M NEVER GOING TO STOP. Learn to deal. Here’s random dopeness from my Tumblr. I’m sorry, love me.

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I couldn’t help myself… I was getting a little too deep and then I went totally off the deep end. You can peep all of the single NARS eyeshadows here and duos as well at the greatest place IRL, Sephora.

xx SCB

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