How To Beat A Hangover.

So basically, I slept in my makeup and now I hate myself. I woke up like a hot mess (you know I still looked good though) and… my jeans. So, now I need to do my part to save as MANY people from that trouble as possible! Except that you’ve probably done it too. Below is one of my failproof instructions for curing a hangover. Try it this weekend and then see how winning you feel.


Pile as many pain easing items next to your bed as possible in anticipation of your morning. Moving is the enemy, so this means: water, advil, gum, weed, a well endowed man, your TV clicker, whatever…it takes for you to forget what you did last night – if you haven’t already.

me in bed

Definitely tweet about how shitty you feel all day to ensure people get the full dramatic effect. No one will not get sick of hearing you whine and will certainly take pity on you instead of hoping your headache becomes more aggressive as the day wears on.


Brunch, but make sure to go to Starbucks first so you can flood the prime real estate of your table top with cups instead of plates rivaling Thanksgiving dinner. So actually, skip the coffee, have a mimosa or five and then prepare to slumber your hang-food coma-ver away with an epic nap.


Obviously, the real solution is to not drink, which is a cute joke. Also, candy.

xx SCB

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