We Are 12th Man.

The Seahawks are literally changing Seattle right now. People haven’t been so proud of where they are, what kind of fans they get to be for years, we had no reason to be one. Keep in mind: We lost our basketball team, our beloved SuperSonics, and we haven’t had a consistently winning baseball team for a minute. When the Seahawks first started to gain positive momentum, it was like stirring the troll that sits under the Fremont bridge. We’re peaceful and quiet when we don’t have a team on top because we’re all too familiar with what being on the bottom feels like. So when you take something like the Sonics away from a city full of superfans, and you give us a team to get behind again, you’re going to get the 12th Man.

It’s not, “where did they come from?” These, loudest fans in the NFL, creating earthquakes like a true legion of BOOM would. We were always here. We were just patiently waiting for our moment, like we know this team has. When no one was paying attention while we were on the up and up, local-to-Seattle Seahawks fans were waxing poetic in the papers and online, meeting, analyzing, bantering… Remembering how it feels to have a common identity, something to root for, to be excited about.

For the record: When Richard Sherman had his now-infamous outburst interview, I saw that as a moment of pure emotion – not aggression. You can go read his take on it here, I’m not interested in your opinion – remember, you’re reading mine. Maybe you just need to know what that situation feels like for yourself to be able to empathize rather than judge, but then again you’re probably just a sore loser fan from a team we already beat. Whatever people say about the Seahawks will not ruffle the feathers (lit/fig) of the 12th Man. We play clean, we fight hard and we’re here to win… You can’t not get behind a team that does that.

I’ve had more conversations with total strangers because of games or wearing the same gear over the last two months than I probably have in the last two years. They always end with the “Go Hawks!” that we’ve all heard so many times from Russell Wilson. What has gone viral on the internet has become a definitive piece of Seattle culture. Football has given us new life, reviving us as a people, a city, a community. Win or lose on the scoreboard, the team has already won with its city forever. GO HAWKS!!!

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