my socialista soulmate, the retweet for my favorite, the hashtag to my handle. the filters of insta, the engagement buttons on facebook.


a very happy birthday to one of the best people i ever met on the internet, now a true friend of mine in real life. when i took my last trip to new york, i had the chance to actually link up with jenny so i finally got to meet this phenomenal human being that i followed years ago on the internet. great minds think alike, so she quickly became one of those people i never wanted to stop talking to, and we haven’t. anyway, i love love love her and i’m moving to new york so that i can hang out with her more, pretty much. can someone find me a job? not picky, as long as it pays well and i don’t have to work that hard – let me know.


jenny, i could literally write a novel about how much i love you. i cannot begin to thank you enough for the guidance, support, inspiration and good energy that you’ve brought to my life… i can say with absolute certainty that i wouldn’t be in the position i am today with the opportuntiies i have without you. you deserve the best of what the world has to offer, and you’re only just beginning to get it. happy birthday to one of the best people in my life, and i am so glad that we became internet friends, you really are the best.