Weekend Shopping Wins + TMG Halo Giveaway!

Good evening to all of my Sunday Funday-ers, I hope your days were filled with wins for your football team or any other form of proper weekending activity. I didn’t brunch at all this weekend, which is absurd to me but shit happens – like the Black Elephant Party. What happened to us that night, we may never know… I picked up a bedazzled vibrator, no complaints from this naughty little betch. (other highlights: semen cookbook, vibrating mustache – you see where I’m going with these)

That Madonna Girl: Halo Giveaway


I decided to be a vampire flower child to a private party last night and wore TMG’s the Leslie with NARS Train Bleu crayon and an all black fit – stealthy but chic. Anyway, turns out dudes are a big fan of this look. I recurled my hair and put on a bunch of makeup, because hangover, but guys and girls alike paid me compliments about it. More importantly: I have another Leslie – now sold out online – to give away as part of #12DaysofTMG!! Final details coming soon, but get excited. There may even be a special SCB surprise with it. I DON’T KNOW, JUST GET EXCITED.


As we all know if you follow me on Twitter, I trolled the Nasty Gal site today – sale only. The best part about it, besides what I actually scored, is that I saved almost twice as much as I spent. The highlight of this spree is definitely this leather jacket, marked down from ~300$ to 99$! PS. Condolences if I accidentally made you shop, too! I totes feel bad, thanks for playing though.



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