EYELASHDOWN: Benefit v. Dior

Apparently I don’t own every single great mascara ever because homegirl Breann sent me a selfie (#tscbm) with her stellar lashes today and UOENO the kind of narcissistic panic it sent me into – I had to go and collect myself in my closet a la Babette, the true Queen of alter egos. After reading that book I magically became in touch with MINE, motherfucking #whitegirlproblems is ruining my actual life.

closet Am I Babe Walker yet? Chez Nicolette.

Back to the point: I realize this is really awkward to look at closely because believe me, putting it together I was all *omg no stop staring into ur own eyes omg i love myself* you know? Kidding but not. So, which mascara/look from use do YOU prefer by the looks of it? By this I mean, actually tell me, either in the comments or like, in a tweet – those are my favorite.douible for blogShe’s rocking Dior (nbd already bought and am impatiently waiting to try out) and I’m obv wearing my Benefit. I’m not sure what each description claims, but if we’re judging by length I am definitely first loser… I feel like the girl version of Adam from Man v. Food right now. Probably going to emotionally eat my face off over this now that I’m thinking about food. This idea was TERRIBLE!!! Who thought of it?! People should really not let me manage myself, I’m so done.

Until next time, my stone cold beauties…

2 thoughts on “EYELASHDOWN: Benefit v. Dior

  1. Used both and I like the thickness and the way Dior coats my lashes but it’s kind of messy and I apply it like an idiot sometimes.

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