VIDEO POST: Favorite Moments of Lightning In A Bottle 2015

Nearly all of my favorite musical moments at Lightning this year were at the Woogie, which is where I was the majority of the weekend… The top highlight was without a doubt, John Digweed’s stellar set on Sunday night.

He kicked off with bumping beats that would be perfect for a groovy house party, which is exactly how I’d describe the atmosphere of Woogie – it’s like literal heaven on earth. His set quickly ventured down to deeper, darker depths and he took us on an intense musical journey. I was hypnotized and in a dancing trance… It was so much more than I had initially hoped from him to properly finish off an unbelievable weekend. At the end of the above video with my footage of his set, you’ll hear me fangirling about how mindblown I was from it. It’s casual.

While Lightning in a Bottle is another year away, there *is* exciting news to share… Woogie is getting its very own WEEKEND!!! Next month (July 17-19, 2015) at Oak Canyon Park in the OC, Woogie Weekend will celebrate house music and all its iterations.

This is the lineup and I can’t say or do much besides freak out about how spectacular this is going to be.


To give you a taste of what went down at LiB and what’s to come for Woogie’s new dedicated weekend, peep the teaser video.

 I’ll post about this in more detail next week, highlighting my favorite artists and sharing some tunes so you can get a musical preview. You’ll see a lot more of the original Woogie from my perspective on the dance floor in my LiB vlog, which will be up soon on my YouTube channel! I’m sharing all the stories you’ll definitely want to hear from my experience this year… Get ready. Confessions of a Music Festival Gypsy is coming soon to a screen near you.

For more info on Woogie Weekend or to grab tickets, visit


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