Thursday is the New Friday.

Hi. It’s Thursday. Finally. Thursday is almost Friday (YAASSS) but more importantly – Thursday is the best day of the week for music in Seattle. Namely, Studio 4/4 at Q Nightclub… It was just announced that Maya Jane Coles will be playing a 4/4 this spring and I’m hyped. I love her.

Seattleites, see you there. May 14. Get your tickets now, then mark your calendar and make a countdown with me.

maya jane coles q nightclub

In honor of my excitement over Q’s announcement, today is now officially Tune Thursday and dedicated to Maya Jane Coles.

If you’re familiar with her you may have already heard this remix (or the original track), but if not, the latest from her Soundcloud.

Easier to Hide, the namesake track off her album released in 2012. My fave.

Too many times, I let my feelings hide… I act like it’s all alright, you don’t know how I feel inside…

A recent remix of hers that I’m still obsessing over. Kind of bleepy and a bit ominous, but still sexy MJC sound.

I just found this tune of hers from someone I follow on Soundcloud and absolutely loveeeee it.

Bonobo x Maya Jane Coles = Sex. That is all.

Q Nightclub. May 14. Be there and find me on the dance floor under the disco ball… Tickets available here.


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