Goooood morning, betches. In case you’re dragging a little on this fine morning, here are a few of my fave new tunes to get you through your Monday/hot mess of a life… Take a listen and WIN THE DAY.

Justin Martin: Don’t Go (VIP Edit)

I love Justin Martin (and pizza) and really the whole Dirtybird crew and their respective sounds. His recent remix of Henry Krinkle’s Stay was so spectacular – listen here. From his Facebook, “FUN FACT: The wind chimes that come in during the breakdown of my ‘stay’ rmx were sampled on my parents front porch in Maui on a beautiful breezy day. Their house is a special place for me & i wanted to include that emotion into the vibe of the song.” What a dude!

He played Q Nightclub aka my second home a while ago with Danny Daze for a 4×4 (clip) and the set was a lot heavier… there was also a pizza party beforehand. Don’t Go is soo *~*~* smooth *~*~* and the unique composition has me repeating it all day. I’ve really been feeling what he’s putting down lately and can’t stop listening to this, it’s a gem. Head over to Soundcloud for a free download. You’re welcome.

George Maple: Vacant Space

Talk Talk was the first I really heard of George Maple, and I’ve been obsessed with her ever since. She’s worked with some top notch producers so far – you probably first heard her pipes on Flume’s Bring You Down. I’m obsessed with her just like I am Lana, Banks, etc. Maybe my next music post will just be all my favorite female artists. It’s like Christina and Britney, but SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT! But I digress. Vacant Space is the title track from her debut EP… It has me feeling soooo many types of ways. I’m whelmed.

It’s sexy but also wistful and kinda innocent – her voice (and the lyrics) are perfection. I love her so much more after reading this interview, where she talks about production, how she cares for it and doesn’t just want to write, sing, and make hits. I can’t wait to hear more, more, MORE!!! from George Maple.

 Garden City Movement: Pont des Arts

I don’t know where I’ve been or why this is my first time hearing a tune by this trio from Tel Aviv. I stumbled on them somewhere in the depths of the trending section of Soundcloud and it was all worth it to find them.

Garden City Movement is slated to play SXSW which makes my icy little heart happy because I’m DEFINITELY going to attend this year – hopefully for both interactive and music, I’ll keep you guys posted. I’VE NEVER BEEN TO AUSTIN! Time to dust off the ol’ hashtag. #scbadventures

Azealia Banks: Chasing Time (Pham Remix)

Apparently people are submitting these for a remix contest and I can see why – the original track sucks. Her lyrics are on point though… this makes it sound and feel so much better – not as aggressive. Check out Pham’s Soundcloud for more, I’m into him.

Disclosure + Mary J. Blige: Follow

I love that a bad bitch like Mary J. Blige collab’d with Disclosure… She totally has the right vibe for them, and what a voice. I diggggg it. They produced and co-wrote Follow, which is coming out on her new record.

To hear all the new new, follow SCB on Soundcloud.

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