My 5 Favorite Songs of This 5 Minutes.

It’s Monday again, which unfortunately happens every week so rather than complain I have some new music to get you grooving through your day.

Soul II Soul: Back to Life (Chachi remix)

This song is called Back To Life and it literally gives me some. Appropriate. It’s Monday, you say? Can’t be bothered, too busy dancing.

ZHU: Paradise Awaits (LCAW remix)

Take me to a tropical beach with my imaginary boyfriend who is rubbing me down in coconut oil with SPF and whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I need to be your lover, you need to be my queen – kiss me in my dreams and tell me paradise is what we see… Fuck, I think that was a real dream I had last night after listening one too many times.

Berger and Shaqiri: West Coast (Lana Del Rey cover)

YAASSSS!!! A melancholy, refreshing cover of Lana Del Rey. I love love this one, and you know how picky I am when it comes to THE Queen.

Audion: Dem Howl (Joris Voorn remix)

These days everything slips through my fingers… These days everything I make is a mess, try to think big but I come up with less… I’m a big fan of Joris Voorn’s sound and the vocals on this give me all kinds of feels. Tune tune tune.

Jessie Ware: kind of… Sometimes… Maybe… (J Cole Remix)

J. Cole could get it and I have a huge girl crush on Jessie Ware (you should too, she’s a babe). I wish I could stay in bed with said imaginary boyfriend all day listening to this.

EXTRA CREDIT: Drowning v. Thugz Mansion Mashup

I MEAN. 2Pac and Banks?!??!! I have no words, this is just amazing.

Unrelated: I wish I could emoji in my blog already. Ugh. These are my problems. Follow me on SoundCloud for all the music. Enjoy!


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