My Little Pony. (PURPLE HAIR VLOG)

Hi. Monday is back. Ugh, what a betch.

So last week I dyed my hair purple and it faded and I went in to re-dye it PURPLE (emphasis on the caps lock) and in doing so, kind of wrecked my hair. If you’re new to my world, I used to have ombre so my ends are unfortunately processed and it was too much… We had to chop it off. Like, a lot a lot.

I decided that what happened was the universe telling me to embrace short hair. If it’s going to be purple, it should be short, or something. Go with me because I’m adjusting and still on the verge of an identity meltdown. I did wash my hair today and it’s not falling out – which happened in the salon and caused my intense panic – so now I’m just deep conditioning my icy little heart out.

Obviously I filmed the “get ready with me” bit on Halloween for my night out, but I ran out of space before it finished recording :( please pardon the awkward disconnect. Anyway, I tweeted about feeling like a space alien and I wasn’t feeling the pink bitchstick I tried on in the video, so after I finished (and saw it didn’t catch the end) I decided to go with my first idea, using this NARS eyeshadow as lipstick. It turned out fucking phenomenal – and this is why you should always trust your gut instinct.


For those who asked, we used Pravana. I have a great deep conditioner but I also ordered Redken’s Anti-Snap thanks to my lovely followers. I’m taking biotin as well per the recommendation of Queen Sloane. Speaking of S, I hope everyone enjoyed her first post! I promise that there will be more of her on here and we’re working on a few more collabs right meow. We’re excited, she is my #PsychoBFF for life.

Do you have a fave deep conditioner? Hair horror story like mine? Share. Feeling like a vulnerable and self conscious west coast sad girl over here. Kidding, kind of. Just love me.


2 thoughts on “My Little Pony. (PURPLE HAIR VLOG)

  1. Chemical haircuts can be SO heartbreaking…. it’s the price you have to pay when you have such dark hair and try to go that vibrant.
    I stopped bleaching/dying my hair crazy colors a few years ago, let it all grow out (well, my hair is short as hella since I was like 18 but now it’s all my natural brown) and I use these little fuckers (,default,pd.html) when I get the urge to go unnatural.
    But don’t worry, the purp looks amazing on you!!! I’m sure your hair probably feels like straw but it’s not damaged forever. It looks fantastic so rock that shit like only you can!

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