So like, I know I’ve abandoned my poor little blog for the last week, and I feel terrible and all, but I’ve been really busy getting shit done. Many of the things *do pertain* to my life on the internet, so you’ll see some moves being made and changes being rolled out in the next week and continue to change as I do – we’re all in this together. For now, see the new pages I added: How Do I StoneColdBetch? (that’s like an index of Ask SCB posts for your convenience), pro tips, and SCB Adventures – because I have a lot of them. Back to my point: I know I’ve been MIA for the last few days especially, so let’s do a brief play-by-play so we’re all caught up to speed. I have a bunch of random things I want to talk about… Like how great Above & Beyond were in Seattle this past weekend. I was lucky to visit the Church of Group Therapy properly for Sunday mass… I met an adorable follower who snuck into the bar to meet me (BRAVO, such pride) and then I let my emotions shine (read: got white girl wasted). My soul is now rejuvenated/freshly cleansed of sins and ready for more trouble… Prepare yourselves, bitches.

A large part of me has also been offline and in the gym. I never made a big point about talking about training on my Twitter, but I have done Crossfit for years, though I took the last ~16 months off and now I’m playing a brutal game of catch up in hopes of performing decently in this Open season. If you’re into that, you can check out my athlete profile and keep track of that part of me here. I also jumped back into yoga as my homegirl is about that life, and it’s a really enjoyable challenge/practice for me. I prefer to be kept busy and doing multiple activities at once, so I really believe in and appreciate the hour I take out of my day to force myself to slow down and focus on doing something for me. Basically, I’ve been moving my body a LOT and eating like a five year old boy… it’s been great. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, grab someone and take a class… It’s a lowkey, earthy kind of spiritual activity that makes me feel like I’m reaching my full Queen potential. Highly suggested. Related: I was asked to be a brand ambassador of a fab tea detox (you may have seen the lovely Jackie blog about her experience last year) called LoseIt Tea!! You can read more information about the options here. With all of the focus around my health and fitness, I feel like it’s an ideal time to “do a cleanse,” and this one is really low maintenance and inviting. It’s just a cup day and night – I drink tea (when it’s not coffee) around the clock so it’s basically too easy. Plus, I could always use more detox. #partygirlproblems (that was an ironic way to end this paragraph)

As far as my plans for my blog? I promise to be on my game with posting here, DAILY! I know that a lot of you have been sending me emails with specific questions for an Ask SCB post, and I plan to answer them all! I’m not going to do the same boring post every day though, but don’t act like you could even get bored of me. Tweet me if you think I might have missed your question or you have a new one to get in the queue. I have a bunch of new ideas that I’m going to finish for *this* and I’m super excited to see how you guys like them. I haven’t just been sitting here taking selfies, you know! Maybe just a few. For practice. Whatever. Just get ready for a lot of me, I know you love it.

The Academy of SCB is now in session, where we’ll be learning the stone cold philosophy, how to makeup and be a queen, and more. Get ready bitches, I’m passing on my power.

xx SCB

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