basic tips for lipstick.

As soon as I posted (aka deleted) a selfie from Twitter today due to faded lipstick, I realized a ton of people have asked for tips on wearing/applying it… I promise to share my secrets, god knows they work. Today, I went out to lunch with a friend and visited my old office down in Pioneer Square and actually couldn’t hold back from getting 25$ worth of holiday candy at a chocolate store, which meant I also qualified for a full size thing of fudge. No, I’m not sharing but check on me at 4AM when I’m bouncing off the walls, k? I lined Dragon Girl with more NARS, (I’m so obsessed – the texture of their lip products is everything. Velvet Matte is life) their Jungle Red lip liner. I also wear this and blend it with my sig shade, so this is a solid multipurpose color if you’re looking.


At first, I couldn’t really get into lipstick. I have to smile carefully when I have it on, I have big dimples, did I look better in a pink or a red? But did I even really like that color, or just because someone suggested it would great with my face? Like, it’s awkward selecting a lipstick. But then I found my signature when I wasn’t even trying (it’s like when you find the love of your life when you finally stop looking, only SO MUCH BETTER) and the rest is literally history because we all know I’ll try any color once, now. This leads me to my first point:

  1. Experiment with your look. If you want to try out a new shade, buy it… Or buy the cheaper version if you think you can match them. I’ve bought a pretty vivid purple from the Drugstore before committing to buying another NARS pencil. Apply before you buy, or something. Point is: buy to try. Go sit in some decent lighting and play dress up with your face – makeup is supposed to highlight and accentuate your pretty. Brightly colored, vibrant lipstick means you’re accentuating the absolute shit out of your lips – it may take a try or two to figure out how best the rest of your makeup will compliment that. I might look terrible with a vampy lipstick on if I have metallic lids or go too dark, but my eyes will practically glow if I stay light and shimmery on my lids with dark lips.
  2. Take selfies. I seriously can’t preach how beneficial they are in this situation. Do you want to know what your face is gonna look like before all your Facebook friends do or not? Selfies are the only real friends you need, anyway.
  3. Use a lip primer. If you don’t currently, invest in a decent one – they’re def worth splurging on. I use MAC’s Prep + Prime right now, but I feel like it dries my lips out a little more than others I’ve used. I’m in the market for a new one if anyone has suggestions.
  4. Line lips *after* applying lipstick. I cannot stress how important this one is for me. I had a playdate with a MAC artist in Chicago, during which I acquired all of my vampy lipsticks and told me to do it after. My latest gay BFF had me apply the lipstick, and then he lined over it. This order makes the actual application process less stressful as you don’t need to be quite so steady/precise, and ensures a crisp line for next-level lip game.
  5. Ask for help. If you’re not a seasoned pro, ask someone. I brag about doing my makeup without looking or mascara while driving because I’ve been practicing since age three. If this isn’t you: Go to a makeup counter, ask your girly girlfriend, your gay best friend (they typically have a great aesthetic and soft hand, do not discount these gems), use the live chat online, whatever. Whether you’re looking for practical application tips or specific advice for you, I say it’s always better to get a second opinion rather than to second guess yourself. Just like your friends should tell you when something doesn’t look good when shopping – they’ll tell you if that color doesn’t work for your face. Don’t take it personally, they’re doing you a favor.

20131211-170216.jpg A top knot with lipstick… Miracles can happen.

PRO TIPS: Use lip primer. Line your lips after. Experiment with your look. Ask questions. Keep makeup remover wipes on hand. Take selfies. Don’t duck face. If you have specific questions, tweet me or send a note to xx