Where In The World Am I Going For NYE?!

After being gone for most of November on four different trips, Im finally back in LA for more than a few days at a time… I’ll be a traveling gypsy *again* this month (this is becoming quite a theme in my life) right after Christmas, and am headed on an epic adventure to a destination that’s been on my list for years. To find out where I’m going (!!!!!) and how I’m getting there… buckle up and read on.

I’m headed home to Seattle for Christmas on the 18th, and will be coming back to LA on Christmas night so I can have a full day to re-organize and pack my life before taking off for my NYE adventure – not to mention we’ll be gone until January 5th. I’ll be running around like a psycho getting everything together before my red eye flight to JFK the next night… I land at like 7am on the 27th in NYC, where I’ll meet Disco Shark Prince, and then our actual trip begins once we head out from JFK that evening.

We’re going to be sitting on some long ass flights so I feel pretty lucky to be traveling with my boyfriend the whole way, I’ll have someone to entertain me/that I will torture out of boredom… Hopefully I don’t end up like Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids. Stay tuned.


So… In case you haven’t already figured it out from my SATC hints – this year for NYE, I’m going to…



I’ve been playing reruns of Sex and the City 2 in my head since we actually got our flights and can only hope to be such a chic tourist.

Sex and the City 2 Dubai StonecoldBetch

 One of Disco Shark Prince’s best friends lives in Dubai, so he has gone for NYE the last few years and filled me in on a lot of the important details, i.e. sights we must see, things we must do, the shopping scene, etc. as well as some of the important cultural/religious differences to be aware of. I’m not trying to get arrested like Samantha did in the movie, no thank you… I’d much rather be shopping the souks or riding a camel. 

Sex and the City 2 Dubai StonecoldBetch

As for our plans to celebrate NYE, we’re probably going to see Davide Squillace and Luciano play at the Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE. I don’t think our luck could get much better than that – then I remember all of the shopping there is to do.

Sex and the City 2 Dubai StonecoldBetch

Have any of you been to Dubai before?? If so – any recommendations on what to do, places to go, food to eat, or shopping spots (I know the Dubai Mall is beyond epic) to spend all of my money at?! I feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of options for things to do and I’d love to hear from any of you on your experience there. I am beeeyond excited and counting down the days until this next adventure begins!


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