Happy Birthday To Queen Me.

Hi! It’s my birthday.

blair stonecoldbetch gossip girl queen

I’m obviously still down in Austin for SXSW which has been amazing so far… and it’s only the third day. But I’m totally out of my element and feel very much like I’m working even though it’s a Sunday because I’m at a conference and feel like I have been MIA for two days and that’s like 81925781925 years on the internet. So. Hi.

I wish I had more time to post actual blogs but we’ve been running around the whole time and I didn’t want to haul around my laptop til I got my bearings… I have SO MUCH SHIT TO TELL YOU GUYS. If you don’t keep up with me on Twitter or Instagram, do that because that’s where I’ve been. I’ll be here until the 23rd because I’m staying for Music – if you’re in town for the conference let me know! Also, if you’re an Austin local or someone with recommendations for coffee, food, or shopping – pleaseee leave me a note in the comments.

Day 1: SXSW is Awesome. And Overwhelming.




Dream Teamin’ Day 2.




TODAY!!! Birthday Day.

So #SanctuaryAtSX this morning, we first had a panel of AMAZING people talk about their professional work and generally about the intersection and future of health, wellness, fitness, and technology! Then – a gnarly workout from the badass trainers at Radius Fusion (more on them soon), a bit of yoga, and a guided meditation by Mallika Chopra.  Lots to show and tell from this, I’ll def post a recap next week. After all that we were treated to blowouts and bubbly. YASSS! Can’t complain about kicking off my birthday that way. I don’t know what we’re doing yet to celebrate tonight but it’s my birthday and I’ll get white girl wasted if I want to…


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