New Tune Tuesday: TÂCHES – Yours Feat. PB Kaya.

The world was graced with a hypnotizing original new tune from TÂCHES off Next Wave Records last week: Yours feat. PB Kaya.

taches pb kaya yours stonecoldbetch

TÂCHES trips up the vocals for a moody house vibe on the darker side, and the ethereal vocals melt into the beat. Sexy, dark, and deep.

 I’m obsessed and can’t stop listening. It’s fine. Actually, it’s kind of ironic because he messaged me on Twitter a few days back to call me out for how much I’ve played this tune since it was posted… #shamelessgirlproblems

TÂCHES uses various ‘House’ tags on Soundcloud – Untidy, Twinkly, Empty, and now Gregory. I asked what was Gregory about this House and was informed, “absolutely nothing, it just made me giggle.” I tried to get more out of the secretive underground producer but only learned that we’re both avocado aficionados.

Can’t wait for the day I see a track tagged “Betchy House” on the cloud. I mean… A girl can dream, right??? PS. Get the free download here.


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