Shazam is a Semi-Magical Scam.

Monday night is still Monday so that means I’ll talk about music if I want to. Really, I just want to talk about the painstaking effort one must put forth to identify a song within a set, using Shazam.

If there is a superior app – PLEASE tell me. I know Shazam struggles are a thing because people love to complain (tweet) about it. Aren’t computers supposed to be smarter than us already?? Why do I have to Shazam a song five times to get the proper track ID? Like, it’s 2015.

Nothing beats the feeling of finally tracking down a tune you hear and can’t get out of your head… this was literally haunting me for a week.

Above is the remix I heard in the set, by Anton Bozhinov. The song is “Grey Monday” by Imany… Now, take a listen to the original if you please – her voice gives me the feels.

Has anyone else heard of this goddess Imany? Nadia Mladjao.


She’s a French Afro soul singer and her debut album The Shape of a Broken Heart came out in 2011. It *only* went platinum in Europe so I guess that means I’m not the only person sleeping on her music…

Now I must listen on repeat for approximately five days to get the full satisfaction out of my struggle. Mondaze, man.


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