REVIEWS: Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Eye Liner & NARS Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.

So I had another online shopping blackout episode… it’s fine.

Instagram is like, my confessional. It’s where all of my guilt goes to die/be justified with pictures of all the shit I buy. Speaking of: kinda disappointed with Benefit’s new liner. And I tried to like it! Really I did. I used to wear BADgal mascara daily… I’ve worn Benefit for years and love a ton of their products, just not impressed with this one.

I went for a bold cat eye with this mythical “lashline hugging gel liner,” which turned out fine… but having to constantly crank it for more product was annoying and kinda detrimental to the precise process that is eye liner. I don’t think it builds well and the consistency turns like clay and a bit flaky. Earlier this week I tried it again and literally had to start over… worst.

Normally a minor mistake like a MISMATCH! (call me Cher) with the angle of my liner wings isn’t the end of the world. Then, a dark cloud washed over fourth period… this is the sister product of They’re Real, that dirty pirate hooker lash-hugging mascara that is wonderful on but impossible to take off.

Note: I use Eyeko and YSL Shocking for similar “pen” liners. I don’t really care for pencils and use a bunch of different ones for inside eye liner. They’re both easy to clean up when you’re applying and if you use a primer (this one is my fave) they wear well through the day.

So anyway, my whole day is fucked because my eyeliner didn’t come out right and I have to start over. But/naturally, NARS came in to save the day – I picked up their eye makeup remover after reading all the positive reviews on


I’m really impressed with the sorcery behind the formula… all I did was dab some onto a Q-tip and swirl that failed cat eye right off my sad little face. I also wore They’re Real the mascara in the first picture – as was recommended on the liner packaging – and was mind boggled at how easy it was to get off with this. The rules of eye care are simple and finite – every stone cold beauty should know to use a gentle but good makeup remover.

deets + links: nars eye makeup remover // benefit they’re real liner + mascara


3 thoughts on “REVIEWS: Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Eye Liner & NARS Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.

  1. That eyeliner is a complete and utter nightmare :( I had really high hopes for it because I love Benefit’s products normally. I highly recommend Lorac’s Front of the Line – I got it during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty last month for $11 and now I’m wishing I would have bought a few more! Oh, and MAC’s Fluidline is amazing as well! Love using that first and then perfecting my lines with Lorac.

  2. ah! i felt like i was the only person on the internet who hated the Benefit eyeliner! i was either getting too much gunk or not enough, just smearing it around til i gave up. i will have to try the YSL/Eyeko (and obv the NARS remover). would also recommend smashbox limitless liner pen. thanks for the post!

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