SCB IRL: Adventures in Toronto

So, I survived my weekend adventure to Toronto! I went for the music festival Digital Dreams and left for Canada Friday morning with a connection in Minneapolis both ways. I didn’t even check a bag – that’s how good at adventuring // airporting I am. If you’re traveling this summer, be sure to check out these pro tips.




Canada actually let me in, Anthony swooped me up from the airport, and we waited for Corey and his friends to drive across the border. Once we united powers the celebrations obviously began and we got semi-wasted because it was Friday night. There were also margaronas offered on the menu, so fucking duh we had a few.

Now it’s Saturday morning, everyone is in 100% festival mode. We obviously went #brunching and I made the intelligent decision to order crunchy french toast (dipped in granola!! NOM) so I had a reason to maple syrup. I mean, eh?



Once we got to the venue on Saturday I had to run to will call for my wristband  because (remember?) I decided to go at the last minute. Most festivals have their line situations handled pretty well, so we were all like, “ok see you in ten minutes inside we’ll get water and beer!”

… … … or nah.

I waited in line for two hours and almost died in the most literal sense, the bottleneck was so bad and people were pushing forward so bad after a while they ripped up the computers and network. I don’t even know, I still can’t – I blocked it out of my memory as soon as it was over and I was in. I namaste’d so hard to contain myself and went to Echo Beach immediately to dance my tantrum out.


digital dreams lineup poster

I’ll tell you all the dirty details in my full festie post. Highlights include but are not limited to: Eric Prydz, Corey literally almost dying, a torrential downpour during Green Velvet and OF COURSE!! new internet friends.


The weekend flew by and I was a serious west coast sad girl once I was back in the Toronto airport on the way home. I finished #GIRLBOSS because I needed some motivation to rejoin the real world (aka work) in the depths of  my post-festival depression… it’s a real condition. I’m still adjusting. Wine helps.



Why do they serve Seattle’s Best in Canada? Yuck. PS. I also reread Babe Walker’s new book Psychos and now my psyche is revived and inspired. Get ready, betches!


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