NEW TUNE: Banks – Drowning

A new Banks tune is just what my Monday needed to hear – this one is FIRE.

Banks, Banks, Banks. Every song she pours out her soul for you and it’s ALWAYS so relevant. I love her music so much because it’s not just about the beats, her voice or her looks. All of her work is so emotive, you can’t help but be transported to some distant memory or experience that’s on point with the vibe of any song once she starts singing. I just cannot get enough of her… She seems very real and grounded and into her craft rather than the get rich quick fame game, which I can very much appreciate and respect.

Drowning (produced by Al Shux) seems darker than her usual vibe, a little edgier than most of her other tracks. There’s this kind of ominous atmosphere with the entire thing that I really dig. Her voice is just so fucking seductive… I haven’t found the complete lyrics online so if I have time while I listen on repeat forever, I’ll update and add them to this post. Follow me on Soundcloud for all the latest tunes.


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