A very happy Friday to everyone, mostly because I have a lot of great things to say. First of all, let’s all take a moment and congratulate ourselves for making it through the week. *feel free to pop a bottle in your own honor at this point* Now that we’re virtually bubbly buzzed, I present […]


If you follow me on the internet, you’ve probably seen me white girl at some point over what I’m wearing at Coachella this weekend… Mostly because I want to dress the perfect in-between of chic and too cool to care. Once I’m on the plane,Β there will be no fucks given. Which means that right now, […]


If you haven’t been stalking my Instagram, then (you’re doing it wrong)/you aren’t yet aware of the glory that is theΒ “Shopping with SCB” event I’ve been hinting away at. I’m pumped to officially give some details – first, it’s with Chloe & Isabel. Jackie from For Saturday is a rep for c+i and I’m working […]


Happy Monday, and it ISΒ one because it’s the week of Coachella! I’ve gotten a lot of emails from girls asking about more information on clean eating, diet tips, how to lose weight, etc. etc. and so in light of that, I’ve compiled a grab and go sheet of pro diet tips to kick the week […]


I originally took this eye shadow palette with me to Palm Springs and got my hands dirty with it down there. What I liked about this palette right off the bat was that it’s much more appealing for people with light eye colors – there’s a nice combination of colors that are good for day […]

deadmau5 purrari

So, in case everyone missed it, apparently Deadmau5′ accounts have been compromised thanks to a move from Anonymous. As we know Deadmau5 is quite the social personality and internet phenomenon as well as a sensational producer and longtime critic of edm…music. (I had to, I’m sorry if your eyes hurt reading electronic dance music, music… […]

Happy Monday! It’s a wonderful day here because it’s time for another post on whatΒ I’m buying and trying, to review for you in an effort to find my fave drugstore products. This is a two for one deal, because besides the convenience factor, the makeup is WAY CHEAPER – and this leaves us more money […]


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