PSA: Over the weekend, my blog hit 100k views!!! This was my initial goal when I first started my site almost a year ago now, thinking “I’ll start to take this (myself) seriously then.” It’s been SO crazy to think back to where I started and how far this has all come… I’ve learned so much about myself, who […]


Greetings from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas! We took the 6am flight out of Seattle and like I can sleep on the plane here – I worked and now I have 17% battery on my laptop plus shopping to do, so today is going to be a quick one.  First things first, what is Monday without a […]


As we all know if you follow me on Twitter, last week I got some annoying news that made me want to rip my computer out of the wall (figuratively) which led me to literally move my computer from my office … to the dining room. It’s like the universe wanted me to have a meltdown so […]


Oh god, so apparently Missouri is losing its shit because there’s really no other explanation for what’s happening in Ferguson as of last Saturday. Below is my BuzzFeed version of a news article, or something. I know there’s much, much more to the story and there are missing details and info within this post so […]


Hi. Watch this! Don’t bother telling me if I act awkward or sound stupid because I don’t care. If you could keep up with me (PROPS!!!) and/or watched the entire way through – ILYSM <3 – then you’ll know I have quite a few posts planned and coming soon to a screen near you… check back tomorrow, […]

so: the sun is shining and there’s two kinds of people – those who are happy about it or not. if you’re angry, it’s probably because you’re stuck inside at the office. or you’re a lazy ass who can’t be bothered to get off the couch // bed (let’s be real), but i’m not here to […]


FACT: Bigger lips increase your resting bitch face factor by 132%. Though the obsession with the massive, forced exotic Kardashian lip is beyond me, I do love a full and bold, kissable look. So many of you have asked for tips on making yours look bigger and better than ever before, so listen up. how can i […]


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