READ ME: Extremely Overdue Life Update.

Omg you guys, hi. Hiiii. Remember me? It’s been forever, I know.

I’m finally back in Seattle and home for a hot minute. I wrote my last big life update post at the beginning of this month, right after my massive two week adventure from California to Canada… It feels like I haven’t actually “been home” since I left for SXSW way back in March, which is insane. For a while I actually stopped unpacking and instead just opted to keep my stuff travel ready while I was in town. It was weird, but that’s what happens when you’re only “home” for 3-4 days at a time. Basically I’ve been living out of my suitcase(s) for the last 3ish months… and have literally been out of town, offline, and on the go since mid-May.

Now, a moment of silence (and glass of wine) for my sanity – I can explain where I’ve been if you just give me a minute or five years of your time. Let’s take a deep breath (a sip, too!) before I dive in to the hot mess that is my life. Namaste.

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