so: the sun is shining and there’s two kinds of people – those who are happy about it or not. if you’re angry, it’s probably because you’re stuck inside at the office. or you’re a lazy ass who can’t be bothered to get off the couch // bed (let’s be real), but i’m not here to […]


FACT: Bigger lips increase your resting bitch face factor by 132%. Though the obsession with the massive, forced exotic Kardashian lip is beyond me, I do love a full and bold, kissable look. So many of you have asked for tips on making yours look bigger and better than ever before, so listen up. how can i […]


that title is kind of a lie, but go with it. in case you have been really busy playing the kardashian game or maybe watching some episode on netflix for the sixteenth time, you haven’t been checking out actual cool shit that’s available to you thanks to the internet and a much better waste of your time. […]

Alls Fair in Love and Wardrobe

I love it when people start tweeting me asking for book recommendations or what I’ve been reading lately because then I feel less alone in the big bad world. Fellow betch bookworms, I am happy to share my latest finds and favorite reads to pick up and open with a cocktail under the sun! PS. […]


There’s few things that grind my gears more than what you’re going to see below. As an ex-community manager and content producer – seeing these sorts of threads literally makes me want to slap every ^community manager listed below and on the internet everywhere across the face for letting their standards go so low as […]


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